Dragonfly Enviro Capital’s Strategic Investments in Green Technology Ventures

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Dragonfly Enviro Capital is investing in Australia’s Sustainable Energy Boom. 

Dragonfly Enviro Capital is an investment company investing in business ventures focused on holistic human well-being and sustainability. And recently, the company has taken advantage of lower capital markets to shake hands with the country’s green technology innovators.

Just last year, the firm launched a $50 million Australian Impact Growth Fund (AIGF), which has successfully raised and deployed $7.5 million into five investments it projects that will grow exponentially in the near future.

CEO Adam Tucker states, “Growth capital is much risk-adjusted than earlier-stage venture capital. Our deals are with companies with products to market and are well on their way to profitability, if not already there. They’re all solid businesses to which we’re providing funding for expansion.”

The AIGF portfolio currently consists of the following:

  • Downforce UK, a tech company focused on using satellite technology to measure soil health, carbon levels and biodiversity,
  • The Water and Carbon Group, a company specialising in extracting cancer-causing PFAS toxins from wastewater,
  • Pacific Bio, a company that uses microalgae to remove harmful pollutants from wastewater,
  • Our Trace, a carbon accounting SaaS, and
  • Red Earth Energy Storage is a manufacturer of energy storage systems.

The CEO added, “These are companies that have already proven markets, that are growing, that provide solutions to the challenges the environment and people are facing, and just as importantly, that are profitable or have a clear path to profitability.”

The firm’s push for investing in sustainable technology is further backed by findings that it is poised for a boom. Andrew Lill, CIO for super fund REST, added that there are incredible opportunities for investment managers handling this sector. While the firm takes up investments from multiple sources, some individuals take up the sustainability challenge on a personal level. Andrew Forrest and Gina Rineheart, the two wealthiest Australians, have spent vast amounts of money on green energy investments and ‘clean minerals’.

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