Economist Sends Brutal Message to ‘Lazy’ Aussies

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A radical economist challenges the government and asks the nation to take matters into their own ‘lazy’ hands.

Gigi Foster, an Economics professor at the University of New South Wales and controversial economist, sent out a rather powerful but brutal message to the Australian public. In an interview, Foster noted that hard work would be the solution for the country’s economy to move forward.

“Get off your lazy couch and do something, and it will make you feel better, too,” she added as she highlighted that the economic climate for consumers was awful, unpredictable and uncertain.

Foster previously stirred controversy when she opposed Covid lockdowns and predicted that the prices of daily essentials would not return to pre-pandemic levels for the next several years, now saying that the only way the economy would improve is if Australians acted on it.

Furthermore, the controversial economist added that the government can only do so much, stating that “The pathway out is to recognise we are in a lot of strife at the moment, and it’s on everybody’s shoulders to try and get us out, even if it wasn’t everybody’s fault that we got here because the government is not going to save us.”

The Albanese government is walking a tight wire as they balance their actions to help the country’s citizens and, at the same time, ensure that the economy wouldn’t melt down. 

The government is working hard to help Australians tackle the consistently increasing inflation rate, such as keeping its promise on stage three tax cuts and carefully considering the requests of different sectors towards the upcoming budget.

But Foster believes that despite the government’s efforts, the country’s economic position relies on its people. She mentions that Australians should start to understand that focusing on making things happen for themselves will ultimately add up and help the economy.

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