Egg Protein Market in the United States and Australia is Expected to Grow at a 6.5% CAGR in 2031

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New organic ingredients are being introduced into the U.S. and Australian egg protein markets.

The Egg Proteins Market in the United States and Australia was valued at $7,083.6 million and $967.8 million in 2021, respectively. The market is expected to reach $10,332.1 million and $1,722.5 million by 2031, with a CAGR of 3.9% and 6.5% during the projected period.

Egg proteins are widely used in different types of products in the market. Whole egg protein, egg white protein, and egg yolk protein are all by-products of eggs. These proteins are present in food, beverages, supplements, and even personal care. They can also be thickening, gelling, foaming, or texturiser in food products. 

Food and beverage ingredient makers have invested significantly in R&D to improve egg proteins’ functions, performance, and nutritional value. They are also used in animal feed and textiles. Egg proteins in egg white and egg yolk are in the exact amounts. Yet, vitamins, lipids, and other minerals concentrate mainly on the egg yolk. 

Transparency Market Research says, “Egg proteins are being increasingly perceived as healthy products that are a source of various amino acids that are not produced in the human body or are concentrated in the muscles.”

The top key players in the U.S. and Australia Egg Protein Market include:

  • Bioflex Nutrition Pty Ltd.
  • Bio-Techne Corporation, Cargill Incorporated 
  • E.W. Nutrition GmbH
  • Bodi Choice Pty Ltd
  • Merck KGaA 
  • Noumi Limited (Merck Group) 
  • NOW Health Group, Inc. 
  • OvaInnovations
  • VPA Australia

The Egg Protein Market Share in the United States and Australia is classified by application, type, form, and location (the U.S. and Australia). The study’s applications include food and beverages, nutrition, personal care and cosmetics, feed, and others. 

The market is divided into three types: egg white protein, whole egg protein, and yolk protein. 

The market is divided into two types based on the form: solid and liquid. It is examined in the United States and Australia.

Allied Analytics LLP emphasises, “the food and beverages segment held the major share in the market, and it is estimated to grow the same during the forecast period.”

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