Electric Cars Find New Favour with Australians as Summer Holidays Spark a Recharging Revolution

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“Despite the understandable disappointment, this allows us to utilise real-world information to accurately predict areas of congestion and then ensure they are upgraded promptly,” Evie Networks boss says

This year, no matter how Australians tried to escape their holiday woes – whether it be long queues at theme parks, traffic jams at the beach or securing Boxing Day bargains- they encountered an unexpected roadblock—electric car charging delays.

During the week after Christmas, some charging stations experienced unusually long queues, with drivers waiting up to an hour and a half to recharge.

However, experts suggest that the queues may be advantageous for the electric vehicle industry and its future owners.

Chris Mills, the CEO of Evie Networks, is quite optimistic about today’s traffic congestion. His company has been vying to construct Australia’s largest fast-charging electric vehicle network – and it attained a new milestone in December!

“This year marked the beginning of a new era, where electric cars began to populate our roads in sufficient numbers for anyone who wished to experience traffic delays,” he says.

“I fully understand the disappointment people felt, but this is finally the year in which we can make concrete plans for next year with sufficient data to back us up.”

“It’s encouraging to witness electric car owners feeling empowered enough to take their vehicles on holiday instead of relying on petrol cars for weekend trips. They are now driving around and exploring the world outside just as any other person would!” he says.

“There is a perceptible shift in attitude, and people are gaining confidence to take the plunge because of burgeoning networks around the nation.”

Not only did the record-breaking behaviour show that electric cars were in high demand, Mills states, but it also offered valuable insight into which areas needed more facilities.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries reports that in 2022 Australia saw a staggering 33,000 electric vehicles sold – a fantastic twofold increase from the previous year!
“Our members are currently requesting that Tesla Superchargers should start to reach more off-the-beaten-track locations, consequently enlarging the scope of EVs and allowing them everywhere,” he says. “The need for increased access to charging outlets is dire, and we must take action now.”

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