Emerging Technologies Heats Australia’s Economy:$6 Billion in Revenue and 20,000 Jobs 

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Australia’s economy is being revolutionised with the inauguration of an estimated $6 billion in revenue and 20,000 jobs thanks to emerging technologies!

Australia Launches First National Quantum Strategy

Australia’s federal government has introduced its first national quantum strategy, aiming to support the country’s existing leadership in quantum technology.

Minister Ed Husic’s initiative is part of the Labor government’s National Reconstruction Fund, with $1 billion allocated to critical technologies like quantum. 

Quantum technology utilises the principles of quantum mechanics to create new industries and advancements in fields such as medicine and security infrastructure.

Quantum computing, in particular, offers problem-solving capabilities beyond traditional technologies. The strategy, developed through consultation and research led by Chief Scientist 

Dr Cathy Foley aims to generate 19,400 jobs and $5.9 billion in revenue by 2045.

The strategy outlines five key focus areas:

1. Allocating resources for research, development, and commercialisation.

2. Ensuring the security of infrastructure and materials.

3. Cultivating a skilled workforce.

4. Upholding national interests.

5. Fostering a trusted, ethical, and inclusive ecosystem.

“I cannot stress this sufficiently; quantum technologies will have a revolutionary impact. We are already witnessing the profound impact that quantum sensing equipment is making in various industries,” stated Ed Husic.

“In due course, the realm of quantum computing will unleash an astounding magnitude of computational prowess, surpassing that of conventional computing by a significant margin.

“Through the fusion of a National Quantum Strategy and the National Reconstruction Fund, our objective is to propel Australia into a global eminence in technology, fostering robust industries and generating employment opportunities for the forthcoming era.”

The announcement has been warmly received by the Tech Council of Australia (TCA), which serves as the headquarters for the Australian Quantum Alliance.

“We have a solid foundation to establish a thriving quantum sector globally in Australia. We already house more than 3% of the world’s quantum startups and attract 3.6% of global venture capital investment, surpassing our 1.6% share of the global GDP,” stated Kate Pounder, CEO of the TCA.

Australia’s quantum computing strategy marks ‘pioneer’ for the sector

While this announcement marks a promising and long-awaited beginning, Q-CTRL, an Australian quantum computing startup, hopes for continued support and resources in the sector in the long run.

“Q-CTRL takes pride in being Australia’s first venture-capital-backed quantum technology company, and it has grown into a global leader in the industry. We are excited about our ongoing expansion in Australia and our presence in various international offices,” expressed Charles Burnard, Head of government engagement at Q-CTRL, in an email to SmartCompany.

“As Minister Husic has emphasised, the release of the Strategy today marks the start of the journey, not the end. To fully realise the Strategy’s potential, we need the collective support of the entire nation, close cooperation and coordination at all levels of government, and consistent and substantial backing for the sector.”

The TCA also has its sights on the future, contemplating how to ensure Australia’s success in this endeavour.

“Our challenge now is to become a leader in commercialisation. Early commercialisation will yield billions of dollars in economic value and create thousands of jobs globally and in Australia by 2030 while aligning with our strategic and national security objectives,” Pounder commented.

Husic shares Burnard’s perspective on the importance of a collaborative and comprehensive approach to quantum.

“Quantum, by its very nature, is an international pursuit. No single country can dominate the market, so to speak,” Husic remarked.

“Only through collective efforts can we unlock the full potential of quantum.”

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