Extension Granted on NSW Levy on Ride-Hailing and Taxi Passengers Until 2029

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The NSW Government has announced that the ride-hailing and taxi passengers levy will be extended until 2029.

The levy was introduced in 2015 to help offset the impact of ride-hailing services on the taxi industry. The NSW Government says that extending the levy will provide certainty for the taxi industry and ensure that it remains a viable option for passengers.

People who use these services in NSW will continue to pay $1.50 per trip, which is used to fund transport projects in the state. The Government says that the levy has successfully raised funds for transport projects and will help ensure these projects can continue.

The levy extension is expected to raise an additional $300 million over the next ten years. The extension of the levy will be welcomed by many people who use ride-hailing and taxi services, as it will continue to have a reliable way to fund transport projects in NSW.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said, “The extension of the levy would help to ensure that the state’s transport system was sustainable in the long term.”

“This levy has been instrumental in helping us to fund vital transport infrastructure projects like the new Sydney Metro and light rail,” Mr Constance said.

However, some people may be concerned about the levy’s impact on their ability to afford these services.

The Opposition has criticised the extension of the levy, saying that it will make ride-hailing services more expensive and discourage people from using them. The Opposition has also called on the Government to review the levy in 2025 to ensure that it is still needed.

If you use ride-hailing or taxi services in NSW, it is essential to be aware of the levy and how it will affect your trips. You can find out more information about the levy and its extension by contacting the NSW government or your local ride-hailing or taxi company.


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