Facebook’s Marketing Department in Australia Shrinks by 10% as Part of Global Cost-Cutting Measures

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Around 10% of Meta’s Australian workforce has been terminated as part of a global initiative to eliminate 10,000 positions. 

Insiders reveal that the cuts primarily targeted business and operational units, including legal teams and regional managers, while sales teams remained unaffected principally. 

As per Facebook Australia’s filings for the end of 2022, the company had 156 employees, and sources within Meta indicate that less than 20 individuals departed during the recent round of cuts.

Joanna Stevens, a spokesperson for Meta, declined to confirm specific figures, saying, “Due to an ongoing consultation period, discussing details would not be appropriate.”

“We can say that Meta has taken steps to ensure the business remains best-placed for continued success, including making decisions about our Marketing department in Australia,” she said. 

Financial data from Meta reveals that the company generated $1.26 billion in advertising revenue from Australia and paid $1.03 billion to its parent corporation as the cost of sales. 

To enhance its financial performance and achieve long-term objectives, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has declared 2023 as the “year of efficiency.” In November, they had already laid off 11,000 employees, equivalent to 13% of their workforce, with an additional 10,000 job cuts planned for April and May.

“The second round of layoffs would occur in three phases, concluding in May, with the possibility of smaller rounds following after that. Last year, the company experienced a decline in advertising revenue, resulting in its first-ever annual sales decrease,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg redirected Meta’s focus and investment toward virtual reality technology and the metaverse concept, envisioning it as the next significant computing platform. However, advertisers have been informed that the company is shifting its focus away from the metaverse and prioritising the present.

This latest reduction in headcount comes as Meta further tightens its belt to curb costs. While the news is unfortunate, most personnel remain employed, and the future at Facebook Australia looks bright. 

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