Federal Tax Is Set to Increase Beer Prices for Australians

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Australian drinkers faced yet another increase in beer prices due to a biannual federal tax that has just taken effect this week. 

According to a recent report from the Brewers Association of Australia, the tax on beer will have increased by nearly 8 per cent in the last six months, which is a record increase and “the largest in over 30 years.”

Beer prices have risen significantly as a result of the long-standing inflation-related tax on alcoholic beverages, which was triggered by the Consumer Price Index’s 7.8 per cent increase in just a year.

After an increase of 4 per cent in August of last year, the price of draught and packaged beer will increase by 3.7 per cent as of Wednesday, February 1.

Alistair Flower, managing director of Flower Hotels in Port Macquarie in regional NSW, claimed that the increasing cost of beer has made it difficult for patrons to enjoy a beer at their local pub.

“We don’t think it should be seen as a luxury to come to your local and have a beer in the front bar,” he said.

“After COVID, the one thing we wanted to do was come back to the local and have a beer, and that’s becoming harder and harder for people as time goes on.”

Despite claims that a schooner may cost up to $12 in some places, Mr. Flower said he did not expect the current high local beer prices.

“In regional areas, we aren’t getting up to $12. In regional areas like Port Macquarie, beer prices can range between $7 and $8.50… but who knows, in a couple of years we will get there … and it’s very hard for local people to pay that,” he said.

Michael Fenney, a bartender in Port Macquarie, claimed that regional pubs and clubs already felt the effects of pricing increases.

It remains to be seen how these latest beer price increases will affect Australia’s drinking culture. 

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