For SA Mushrooms: Commonwealth Bank of Australia Understands That Investing in Innovation and Sustainability Is Paramount

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SA Mushrooms, a family-run South Australian business, is experiencing growth and success due to its groundbreaking agrifood innovations.

Through CBA’s assistance, SA Mushrooms devoted considerable time and resources over the past four years to introduce novel technology that boosts their business sustainability and improves the quality of their mushrooms.

Under the management and ownership of Nick, Nat, Sam Senior, and Nick’s son – Sam Junior – SA Mushrooms has seen a dramatic 150% growth in the past four years.

This seamlessly connected business operation yields approximately 55 tons of mushrooms weekly, providing a wide variety of retailers, markets, and greengrocers all over Australia with their supply. It comprises a mushroom farm, a compost yard, and a market stand.

Nick Femia expressed that the business is constantly dedicated to pleasing customers and is searching for new strategies to heighten sustainability, quality, and productivity.

A vital component of this mission includes sophisticated monitoring techniques and systems because mushrooms expand at a unique 1mm per hour.

Femia’s introduced a cutting-edge enterprise resource program and integrated process management systems to ensure their mushrooms have the best environment to flourish. 

These systems can assess everything from mushroom and compost quality picker productivity to environmental aspects such as moisture and nitrogen levels hourly.

We measure every single point in the supply chain to see where we can improve. We also introduced new conveyer belts and vertical harvesting trolleys to reduce the amount of ‘touch’ involved in picking and placing them into boxes.” Mr Femia said.

SA Mushrooms puts sustainability and the circular economy right at its core. Unlike other vegetable suppliers, 96% of its packaging is compostable, while they reuse all its water.

We use by-products from other businesses, value adds to them, and transform this into raw materials perfect for mushroom growing bed. At the end of the process, our spent beds become a high-quality soil conditioner that helps support other agri-businesses.” Mr Femia added.

Mr Femia praised the Commonwealth Bank of Australia for their instrumental role in helping the SA Mushroom’s expansion and creative ambitions.

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