From Sydney’s Suburbs to the NSW Rich List—Greek Australians Strike it Big

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Boasting a remarkable 38% of the wealthiest population, New South Wales is home to three prosperous Australians of Greek origin.

Nick Politis, Theo Karedis, and Nicholas Paspaley are names to behold. All three have made their fortunes in various industries, from food and retail to real estate.

Hailing from Kythera, Greece, Nick Politis has made a fortune in the motor vehicle industry.

With 70.26 million shares in Eagers Automotive and an ownership stake of 26.3%, he is the biggest shareholder in this publicly-traded company, giving him substantial control over its operations.

“It’s my passion for the motor vehicle industry that drove me to success,” says Politis. This is a testament to his unwavering dedication and ambition to pursue his dreams.

Theo Karedis should not be overlooked as a noble name in the business world. He is co-founder of Theo’s Liquor and Arkadia Property Group, with his wealth having grown from $1.13 billion to an impressive $1.14 billion this year!

The Karedis family fortune originated from Theo’s slew of bottle stores that he sold to Coles in 2002.

“It was a great opportunity to get out of the business,” says Karedis.

Nicholas Paspaley is a name well-known to many Australians. The heir to the pearl fortune made from his family’s pearling business, Nicholas has parlayed this into other ventures such as real estate, investments, and even tourism.

The Paspaley family has its hands in several business operations, from pearl retail to aviation and marine services, pastoral and tourism holdings, and properties. Undeniably now being the world’s foremost producer of cultured pearls today, Paspaley is indeed an esteemed powerhouse.

“My family business has grown to become a global presence,” says Paspaley.

These three inspiring and successful Greek Australians have made their marks in the business world and are living testament to what can be achieved with hard work, determination, and ambition. From humble beginnings in Sydney’s suburbs to the illustrious NSW Rich List – Karedis, Politis, and Paspaley have made it. The future looks bright for these Greek-Australian businesses and individuals, and we can look forward to their continued success in the years to come.

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