Gallagher gives the green light to Revamped Workplace Safety Strategy

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Gallagher Corp. has announced a new and improved workplace safety strategy, giving employees the green light to stay safe and secure.

Safe Work Australia has updated the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2023-2033 (WHS Strategy) with evidence-based information, and Gallagher has expressed support for it.

The state and territory governments have agreed on a strategy to improve work, health, and safety across Australia for the next 10 years. This strategy will serve as a reference for local action plans. The goal is to decrease worker fatalities, injuries, and illnesses, and specific targets have been set to measure progress in the next decade. One of these targets is to reduce worker fatalities caused by traumatic injuries by 30%.

“Our updated strategy targets tackling issues expected in the forthcoming decade, such as handling psychosocial risks and addressing the effects of emerging technologies like AI and automation. Additionally, it seeks to adapt to innovative work forms, including gig and platform-based jobs.” Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Gallagher, Jr. said.

“The program also aims to reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatalities, specifically in industries with high rates of such incidents. It has set percentage reduction goals for work-related respiratory disease and accelerated silicosis.”

“Activities involve helping small businesses and working with worker representatives from different industry sectors. This includes providing toolkits, collecting data, and conducting compliance checks.”

According to the data from Work Safe Australia, the industries with the highest fatalities and serious workers’ compensation claims are responsible for 70% and 61% of these incidents, respectively;

  • agriculture;
  • construction;
  • transport;
  • manufacturing;
  • healthcare and social assistance; and
  • public administration and safety.

The newest data from Work Safe Australia, the primary causes of workplace injuries are body-stressing, falls, slips and trips, and incidents involving moving objects. Fatalities in the workplace are most commonly caused by vehicle incidents, being hit by moving objects, and falls from a height.” Gallagher said.

“The percentage of serious claims resulting from mental health conditions has risen from 6% in 2014-15 to 9% in 2020-21, although it still makes up a small portion of all serious claims.

Gallagher Corp. encourages all employers and employees to have a safe work environment as we move into the next decade.

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