The ASX 30:30 List: Finding the New Market Leaders

ASX's Top 30 Momentum and Launch Pad shares this week.

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Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall
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Volume Tells the Story

ASX Top 30 Momentum and Top 30 Launch Pad Stocks

Gary Glover maintains his 4 most important trading lessons that helped him produce his best trading returns yet; The importance of Focusing on the right strategies, being in the right areas of the market, scaling into positions, risk management and a bonus insight of how insightful reviewing your trades can be. Market Leaders make new highs on the ASX as their momentum carries the share prices higher. Understanding the leaders is the first start to identifying the next leaders. Surfacing top trading shares on the ASX by combining two leading scanning and filtering tools. William O’Neil’s Relative Strength Index (RS Index) and Mark Minervini’s Volatility Contraction Pattern (VCP) are two of the most highly regarded filtering methods to find the market’s best trading shares. Applying these scans to the ASX to find a shortlist of trading shares to review.

Gary covers the Weekly 3030 List for the ASX’s Top Momentum shares for the quarter and weekly leaders. Reviewing the List Gary covers the trades he’s looking at that are on the Launch-Pad, fuelled up and ready to run. Exploring the charts to understand the best performers today and those poised for a breakout in the next week or two.

ASX trading history shows that the strongest rallies have come from the Small-Cap miners, out-performing the larger caps that contribute to the theme help drive the market as the ASX200 reaches new highs. Investors Business Daily publish RS Index data for the US, although this data is harder to come by for the ASX.

Finer Market Points looks at the best small-caps to understand their charting patterns, volume, timing, and gains to find Pocket Pivots, Volatility Contraction Patterns, Buyable Gap Ups, and High and Tight Flags along with RS Index and VCP scanning. These are used in conjunction with canslim (CAN SLIM) and Wyckoff’s theory.


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