GE Money, Coles and Myer Customers Alerted to Data Breach of Personal Info

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The personal data of 14 million customers from Latitude Financial, the financial services arm of GE Money, Coles and Myer, has been stolen in a major cyber attack.

A Coles spokeswoman said, “We are disappointed that this cyber incident has occurred and apologise for the inconvenience and uncertainty created.”

The data breach is believed to have compromised customers’ name, address, date of birth and contact details. Financial information such as bank account numbers or credit card details is not believed to have been accessed.

Coles and Myer are working with Latitude Financial to ensure that all affected customers are notified, and measures have been taken to address the breach.

This data breach was discovered last month after hackers attempted to extort money from the company by demanding a ransom payment. When their demands were refused, they threatened to post customer information on the dark web.

Latitude Financial has revealed that the stolen personal data includes names, residential addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and dates of birth. In addition, some credit card customers may have accessed information like card numbers and expiry dates.

The company has assured customers that no passwords or financial information was accessed during the attack and is continuing to investigate the breach with cybersecurity experts.

They have also emailed all impacted customers informing them of the situation and offering free credit monitoring services to ensure their accounts remain secure.

Latitude Financial has revealed that the data breach may have impacted some customers who have never had an account. The hackers accessed several third-party databases containing customer data from various sources, including those not even Latitude customers.

The company continues to investigate the security breach. It is working with law enforcement and cyber security experts to address any remaining vulnerabilities and take necessary steps to protect customer data.

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is working closely with Latitude Financial to assess the extent of the breach and mitigate potential risks for affected customers.

ACSC recommends taking additional steps, such as changing passwords regularly and avoiding clicking links sent via unsolicited emails if you think this breach may have impacted you.

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