Gen Z Women Embrace ‘Lazy Girl’ Jobs, Questioning Work Culture Norms

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Many young women from the Gen Z generation are steering away from the conventional grind of long work hours, opting for what they’ve dubbed “lazy girl jobs.” 

Gabrielle Judge, a 26-year-old from Colorado, exemplifies this movement. After quitting a demanding tech job, she embraced a “lazy girl job” as a technical account manager at a major tech company. These jobs are characterised by reasonable pay and low demand, allowing workers more time for personal pursuits without the overwhelming stress of traditional roles.

The phenomenon is gaining momentum on platforms like TikTok, where young women proudly share their experiences under the #lazygirljobs hashtag. Such roles often involve menial office tasks that can be performed remotely, with employees revelling in their ability to work less while earning decent salaries.

“I was born for lazy girl jobs. I get paid a bomb salary to talk to no one, take breaks whenever I want & be the office baddie,” a TikTok user said.

This trend stems from the broader anti-work movement that gained traction during the pandemic. Gen Z women reject the “girl boss” and “hustle culture” narrative, which glorifies overworking and often fails to address systemic workplace inequalities. Instead, they advocate for a healthier work-life balance and focus on pursuits beyond their jobs.

Jon Boys, a senior labour economist, believes the trend is fueled by the current job market’s low unemployment and rising wages. Yet, some economists see it as temporary, linked to specific economic conditions.

“There’s certainly more scope to carve out a role or the terms and conditions that suit your preferences,” Boys said. “That’s maybe not the case when unemployment is much higher, and people feel less secure in their jobs.”

As Gen Z continues to reshape work norms, the debate over the role of work in one’s life is likely to persist.

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