Gina Rinehart’s Hard-Won Wisdom on Work and Loyalty

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After thirty years of success as the head of Australia’s most distinguished private business, one of our nation’s wealthiest citizens has divulged an intimate understanding of their past adversities, desires and inspirations.

As the wealthiest individual in Australia with a reported net worth of $34 billion, Gina Rinehart is currently visiting Port Hedland along with personnel from her Roy Hill iron ore mine located 180 kilometres south of Marble Bar. For those unfamiliar, Marble Bar has been long known as one of the “hottest towns” on the continent!

Gina Rinehart proudly adorns her mines with pink trucks, machinery and equipment alongside high-visibility safety shirts to promote women’s empowerment in mining. This initiative is set to launch next week.

As a side note to her speech, Rinehart silently acknowledged that the following day another cargo plane of supplies was being dispatched from her expansive business to benefit those communities affected by the floods. 

Surely enough, no press were in attendance. It wasn’t meant for public recognition, unlike the provocative views on taxes, regulations and industrial relations, which have made her so divisive over the past decade.

On her 69th turn around the sun, Rinehart remains a riddle for onlookers regardless of being one of Australia’s most well-known and successful entrepreneurs. Her ventures span from iron resources to agriculture, rare piles of earth to gas and even an investment in medicinal cannabis!

She fearlessly expresses her strong opinions on government regulations, such as the ineffectiveness of energy sector intervention and the outdatedness of reinstating multi-employer industrial bargaining.

“Our investments aren’t dictated by the compelling rhetoric of market trends or fueled by public funds,” she states regarding putting money into green metals and oil and gas. “We understand that it is a matter of supply and demand; when there is less availability on the market, rates will increase. It’s elementary!”
The businesswoman and philanthropist imply that loyalty and hard work remain the keys to success – something she has learned from nearly fifty years of experience. After all, her father said: “you can’t borrow advice” – a sentiment which holds true for Gina Rinehart and all of us.


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