Government-Run Postal Services Amid Restructure, Jobs Will Be Cut

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Australia Post, the nation’s official postal service, has announced that around 400 roles will be affected in the following months. The country will also expect more expensive stamps and the halt of daily letter deliveries with the restructuring.

According to Australia Post, the roles in its head office are the most affected. The Post has yet to provide the exact numbers but has stated that the changes will come from its effort to streamline operations as it moves to survival mode due to financial pressures.

A spokesperson for Australia Post mentioned in an interview, “With ongoing letters losses and parcels growth moderating, a new operating model for Australia Post’s corporate support office is being introduced to simplify our business and operating support structures. This will, in part, help Australia Post respond to the financial pressures it is facing.”

However, the spokesperson assured that there would not be any frontline jobs that would be affected during the review period. Paul Graham, chief executive of the Post, envisions that the changes happening now will result in the company’s growth in the next five years as the group continues to evolve and explore new services.

While addressing the American Chamber of Commerce In Australia, the chief executive added,  “There may be a time later this year when parliamentarians are asked to consider changes to Australia Post to support the viability of the business. My simple request is to put the national interest first.”

Graham added that the company has been bleeding money since 2008 when mail volume significantly dropped by 66%. But Communication Workers Union national president Shane Murphy warns against the Post’s plans. She reiterates that posties should continue delivering five days a week despite these proposed changes, ensuring their job stability.

Murphy’s push is backed by the Australian government’s Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) stance that workers should be protected, ensuring they receive fair wages and decent working conditions.

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