Refreshingly Honest Property Listing Raises Eyebrows and Laughs in Cairns

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Queensland’s Manunda suburb had surprised potential buyers with an exceptionally candid property listing by Sydney’s RentBetter. The listing’s unabashed portrayal of the neighbourhood and its unique features has captured attention.

The Alfred Street apartment, with two bedrooms, is playfully dubbed a “war zone bunker” in the ad. The listing doesn’t hold back, promoting free “performances” of “residents screaming and fighting.” Other standout features include a “huge balcony with a commanding view over the battlefield” and a mention of “territorial marking in stairwell (urine).”

“You wouldn’t want to live there yourself, but the return on investment is good. Who knows what the future holds — perhaps a foreign power will take over this godforsaken place and enforce some rule of law over ALL inhabitants,” the listing concluded.

Despite the humour, the $250,000 apartment price commands serious attention. However, local interest defies stereotypes, as recent sales challenge area perceptions. Median Manunda unit prices climbed 14.2% in five years to $197,000, and house prices surged around 17% in under two years, reaching a median of $450,000.

Resident Shelley Griffiths discovered the listing while browsing and couldn’t help but share it with her friend Avalon Gardner, who resides in Manunda.

“At least they’re honest, and you know what you’re in for,” Gardner said. “My first reaction was to find out what real estate business posted it, as I love seeing the faces at the bottom to see what guy or girl had a real bad day and let it rip.”

While the listing has entertained many Queenslanders, it also brings attention to the rising crime rates in the state’s far north. Law enforcement data reveals that unlawful entry offences in the region more than doubled between 2020 and 2022. In a landscape often filled with glossy property descriptions, RentBetter‘s refreshingly honest approach has sparked laughter and conversations about the realities of the local environment.

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