How A Cheeky Laugh Became The Catalyst For A Million-Dollar Money Podcast

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Who would have thought that a cheeky giggle would change the life of an Australian?

Glen James, the founder of My Millennial Money podcast, has been in a cast and on crutches for two weeks with no running allowed until next year. Despite this significant setback, James remains in good spirits and is among a small number of Australian personal finance podcasters to have found success in this increasingly saturated niche.

“In the beginning, I didn’t think much about millions of dollars. I was simply interested in making a living from being creative. But then, as luck would have it, my cheeky laugh became the catalyst for something more than just a podcast for me: an entire money movement that continues to grow every day,” James says.

He started the My Millennial Money podcast in 2017 as a fun way to talk about money and share his journey to financial freedom. What began as an online business tutorial for millennials quickly grew into a global community of listeners passionate about learning how to manage their finances and get ahead financially.

“I believe that everyone can be successful if they’re willing to work hard for what they want and take a positive approach to life. I encourage people to think about money more optimistically – after all, it’s not an evil thing that needs to be obsessed over,” James says.

“Through my podcast, I hope to inspire others to make smart money decisions. With the right mindset, we can achieve our financial goals and live rich lives with money and meaning.”

My Millennial Money podcast continues to grow daily, and James is excited about the future. “Who knows where this money movement will take me? All I know is that I’m having fun every step of the way.”

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