How Nick Molnar Grew Afterpay into a Multi-Million Dollar Business: Lessons Learned Along the Way

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Nick Molnar is revolutionising how Australian businesses do business with an innovative payment option called Afterpay, allowing customers to pay for their purchases over four equal payments with no interest or fees.

In a landmark move, Square purchased the rapidly growing fintech giant Afterpay for an impressive $29 billion. This momentous event has propelled Australia’s Nick Molnar to become the country’s youngest self-made billionaire — truly a remarkable accomplishment!

As a vigorous young entrepreneur, Nick Molnar wanted to create an international payment method that would offer younger customers a more convenient and open way of paying. As someone from the millennial age bracket, he understood his generation’s distrust of credit cards due to the 2008 financial disaster. Thus, Afterpay was born. 

In October 2014, he and Anthony Eisen proudly launched Afterpay, which was then listed on the Australian Securities Exchange two years later. Long after its debut in the U.S., it extended to countries such as The United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy and Spain. With this expansion of services globally comes a more considerable opportunity for growth that will benefit everyone involved with Afterpay.

Even as a young boy, he realised that becoming an entrepreneur was his destiny.

“My parents have been business owners since I can remember, inspiring me to follow in their footsteps. They exemplified the struggles of being an entrepreneur and all the successes accompanying them. My parents believed in me so much that their trust empowered me to believe anything was possible- this is something I will forever be grateful for,” shared Molnar.

Over the years, Molnar has learned a lot of valuable lessons on what it takes to become an entrepreneur and build a successful business. 

Here are just some of the key takeaways that he believes have played a critical role in his success:

1. Always be willing to take risks and embrace change

2. Surround yourself with like-minded people and continually seek out honest feedback

3. Stay focused, persistent and dedicated to your vision

4. Be open to learning from your mistakes and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way

5. Believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities as a leader

6. Make the most of every day and celebrate your successes along the way

Today, Nick Molnar is living his dream as a self-made billionaire and inspiring others to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

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