Howatson+Company Appointed as Media Agency for Unicef Australia

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An impartial media firm, Howatson+Company, has been selected to manage UNICEF Australia’s media relations. 

Through voluntary contributions, UNICEF Australia is a nonprofit that helps children and young people worldwide. Through 30 Priority Programs, the organisation helped more than 846,000 children in 2021 with $54 million in donations. The selection process was accomplished after a competitive tendering procedure.

UNICEF Australia’s chief marketing officer, Libby Hodgson, claims that Howatson+Company showed how to develop an innovative, data-driven strategy that can meet the charity’s high fundraising goals

“Howatson+Company demonstrated an intelligent, data-led strategy that we’re confident will achieve our ambitious fundraising requirements. Critically, they’re a perfect cultural fit. Throughout the processes, I was attracted to the chemistry between their team and their instant fit with our team. We’re excited to appoint them as our media agency,” Libby said.

Hodgson further stated that Howatson+Company is a fantastic cultural match and that their company gets along well with one another. The CEO and founder of Howatson+Company, Chris Howatson, stated that it is an honour to be in charge of the media that earns money for UNICEF Australia’s vital mission.

“People trust UNICEF to help children everywhere who need help. They have vaccinated, educated, and done more to reach and protect children in the most remote and dangerous places of the world than any other organisation. It is a privilege to be responsible for the media that ensures the funding is raised for UNICEF Australia to continue doing this essential work,” Howatson mentioned.

Howatson+Company’s work is booming right now, according to contributing editor and MFA Hall of Famer Greg “Sparrow” Graham, notably the latest piece for Belong called Thumitt. Recent success for the agency, including victories for TK Maxx, MYOB, and UNSW, was particularly noteworthy. In April 2023, Mediaweek included Howatson+Company on their list of HOT Brands.

Howatson+Company’s head of media, Sasha Smith, expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with UNICEF Australia, calling it a fantastic organisation with exceptional staff members performing exceptional work. The hiring of Howatson+Company is effective right now.

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