Huge Win for Australia and UK! New Free Trade Agreement Sets the Stage for Economic Boom!

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Prepare for a groundbreaking era of economic growth and professional opportunities as Australia and the United Kingdom solidify their historic Free Trade Agreement, revolutionising the professional services landscape.

The Law Council of Australia welcomes implementing the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement, expressing its approval.

Mr Luke Murphy, President of the Law Council of Australia, stated, “Throughout the negotiation process, we have collaborated with DFAT on provisions related to professional services trade and mobility. It is gratifying to witness the agreement’s implementation.”

The Agreement’s economic benefits for Australian and UK businesses and professional service providers rely significantly on the skills and expertise of legal practitioners from both nations.

Establishing the Legal Services Regulatory Dialogue is particularly significant to the legal professions in Australia and the UK. This dialogue comprises representatives from the legal profession, including professional associations and regulatory bodies, from each country.

The Law Council is honoured to be recognised as a Dialogue member, along with the Legal Services Council, the Admissions Committee under the Legal Profession Uniform Law, and the Law Admissions Consultative Committee.

President Murphy emphasised, “The Dialogue presents a vital opportunity to explore modern approaches to enhance the trade in legal services and facilitate the mobility of lawyers. At present, limited recognition of professional qualifications and intricate requalification requirements pose obstacles.”

In addition to requalification matters, the Dialogue will address the availability of legal practice business structures in Australia and the UK and broader aspects impacting the trade in legal services between jurisdictions.

President Murphy and Acting Chief Executive Officer Margery Nicoll recently engaged with the UK Ministry of Justice, building upon preliminary discussions held in preceding months with bar leaders from England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

The Law Council of Australia looks forward to the positive impact and collaborative opportunities the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement will bring to both nations.

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