Hundreds of Thousands Are Missing Out on Payments Totalling $750 or Less

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Many Australians could save money on their bills, but they may need to learn they’re eligible for these discounts.

Earlier this week, the Consumer Policy Research Centre released a study detailing how many people are eligible for rebates and concessions in every state except Western Australia and Northern Territory.

The paper discovered that a shocking 41 per cent of ACT residents eligible for concessions weren’t receiving them. If you have a concession card, you’re eligible to receive a $750 utility subsidy per year in the nation’s capital.

South Australia had the second largest group of people affected, with 38 per cent of eligible consumers not receiving the rebates they were entitled. In South Australia, residents who have difficulty paying their bills may be eligible for a refund of $242 per year, an increase of nearly $10 from the previous year.

To help low-income NSW households cover the costs of their energy bills, the Low Income Household Rebate was born. Each home receives the rebate quarterly, credited to their energy bill. The total amount per year is $285.

Eligible Queensland customers with a rebate card can get up to $453 back on their electricity and gas. It consists of $372.20 for electricity prices and $80.77 for gas.

According to estimates, 19% of those eligible for Tasmania’s one-time winter energy assistance package still need to receive it. Furthermore, it is estimated that 93% of Victorians claim a concession on their electricity bill, 88% on gas, and 78% on water.

The Consumer Policy Research Centre estimated that the number of people who missed out was underestimated. More than 50% power bill hikes are expected in the next two years, as warned by the federal budget- an increase that has caused much research.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers stated that rising prices were a significant part of the nation’s inflationary pressures. He said he needed to figure out when people could expect costs to drop.

“There’s no use pretending otherwise … We’ll have these challenges ahead of us for a little bit longer than we’d like. That’s why the cost of living relief is so important,” Jim said.

Chalmers stated that, though somewhat indirectly, climate and environment funding would eventually lower power prices.

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