IGCC Launches’ Road to Resilience’ Strategy for Climate Investments in Australia and New Zealand

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The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) has introduced its new ‘Road to Resilience’ strategy, boosting climate resilience investments across Australia and New Zealand. 

Designed to steer IGCC’s initiatives from September 2023 through December 2025, the strategy aims to support investors, policymakers, and businesses in pushing climate-focused adaptation projects.

Core objectives are at the heart of the ‘Road to Resilience’ plan. These involve assimilating physical climate risk insights into decisive actions, developing a comprehensive understanding of climate hazards, and advocating policies prioritising adaptation. Moreover, the strategy focuses on channelling private funds towards resilience and adaptation initiatives.

In a commitment to measurable outcomes, IGCC has laid down clear benchmarks. A noteworthy benchmark involves endorsing policies that fortify the climate resilience of regions most susceptible to climate change.

This strategy launch builds upon the pledge made by Australia and New Zealand in June, wherein they vowed to tackle climate change collectively with fellow Pacific nations. An annual meeting of the finance ministers from these nations has been instituted to advance this climate-focused collaboration.

Robyn Parkin, the Head of Sustainability at Ethical Partners Funds Management, spotlighted the escalating physical risks confronting investors. With the burgeoning climate and the natural capital crisis, there’s a growing urgency to address these risks. 

“Investors and financial markets are not yet fully understanding or pricing in physical risk,” said Parkin. She emphasised investors’ critical role, underscoring the necessity to incorporate physical risk insights into various facets, including analysis, policy advocacy, and capital allocation.

IGCC accentuates that the ‘Road to Resilience’ is merely the commencement of an enduring dialogue to augment investor collaboration and advocacy.

IGCC’s CEO, Rebecca Mikula-Wright, commented on the strategy’s release, labelling it as a catalyst in climate investments. She articulated the strategy’s vision, stating, “This strategy is designed for the real, system-wide adjustments that will ensure we’re not divesting, we’re investing in a climate-resilient economy”.

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