Immediate Retirement Announced by an Aussie Battler After His $53M Lotto Win

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A lucky Aussie battler won $ 53.3 million in a Powerball draw and immediately announced his retirement. 

The unnamed man, who has been working manual labour jobs for most of his life, said he was “done with work” and planned to enjoy his new-found wealth.

“I have been through a lot in life, and I am ready to enjoy my money now,” the retiree said. “I do not need to work anymore – I can finally relax and enjoy myself.”

The man, who has been playing the lottery for years, said he had a feeling he would win big eventually. “I always buy a ticket when the jackpot is over $50 million – I just had a feeling that this would be my time,” he said.

The retiree plans to use his winnings to travel the world and spend time with his family. “I never thought I would be able to do this kind of stuff, but now I can finally experience some of the things I have always wanted to,” he said.

“I can’t wait to tell my family!”

“I never thought I would get this phone call that changed my life,” he said when he received the phone telling him he had won a share in the jackpot.

He further added, “My family is set! My grandson wanted a dog for Christmas, and I was trying to organise it for him; he can have all the dogs in the world now.”

“I am done with work! I am out of here, mate. Retirement is calling.”

The only Victorian division one winning entry busted into tears after getting the big news. He was delighted with the shocking news. The man’s story is a heartwarming example of how life can change instantly – and a reminder that it is always worth taking a chance on the lottery.

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