In Its Latest Report, KPMG Claims That Lithium Investment Will Continue to Grow

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ASX lithium shares have been receiving much attention in 2022 due to the increasing price of lithium and the growing demand for electric vehicles. This is especially significant, considering lithium is an essential mineral used to produce many electronic products and components.

KPMG, one of the world’s leading professional services firms, recently published a report suggesting that investments in lithium stocks have only just begun. Their research points to increasing demand from both traditional automobile manufacturers and new entrants into the automotive industry, such as Tesla and other companies working on electric vehicles.

Additionally, KPMG expects the lithium market to continue to benefit from its use in various consumer electronics and renewable energy solutions, such as batteries for solar power storage systems.

National Mining and Metals Leader at KPMG Australia, Nick Harridge, said, “Lithium investment is really just beginning to increase in Australia meaningfully. Mining investment is increasingly turning towards it and other critical minerals.”

“Given that the price of lithium has surged in the last year, the incentive to invest further in lithium production and circularity remains very high.”

The report also highlighted the potential for increased production as leaders in the industry work towards developing more efficient means for extracting lithium from existing sources. As a result, investment advisors are beginning to recommend that clients add lithium-based stocks to their portfolios and explore alternative investment options associated with this sector.

Furthermore, KPMG predicts that lithium demand will likely increase over time due to new applications such as hydrogen fuel cells and other emerging technologies associated with the green energy movement. This trend will likely continue with more countries pushing towards greener energy sources and transitioning away from carbon-based fuels.

The outlook of ASX lithium shares seems very promising in the coming years. Demand for the mineral is expected to continue rising due to its multiple uses in consumer electronics, automotive manufacturing and renewable energy solutions.

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