Indigenous Academic Marcia Langton Calls Out Misinformation Campaign Against Voice Supporters

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Renowned Indigenous scholar Marcia Langton has lambasted certain anti-voice proponents for disseminating falsehoods and employing disinformation tactics to target Indigenous advocates of the voice.

Langton, who formerly co-chaired the Indigenous voice design advisory group under the Morrison government, spoke out during an event in Sydney, accusing these opponents of strategies reminiscent of post-Trumpian methodologies, such as swarming social media with AI-generated falsehoods.

“We’re the imaginary enemy of the state, and every politician comes along and plays political football with us,” she said at the event.

She noted that Indigenous figures like Megan Davis have also been victims of similar malicious efforts. Langton earnestly called on the public to unite to support the “yes” vote, underlining the challenges of widespread misinformation.

The indigenous scholar expressed worry about media distortion of the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s essence, including its call for voice, treaty, and truth. She noted that the media sensationalised it instead of recognising it as an invitation for collaboration from Indigenous communities. Despite early positive survey results for the voice, recent national polls have shown declining support.

Her impassioned call for unity resonated as she urged supporters to engage their communities, advocating for conversations, dissemination of materials, and active participation. Whether the referendum succeeds, Langton expressed the need for legislative action to empower Indigenous communities and facilitate their agency in bridging gaps and achieving dignity.

The event concluded with attendees reading the Uluru Statement from the Heart aloud, reflecting the spirit of unity and hope for a more inclusive and empowered Australia.

“I hope we face a unified Australia and empowered Indigenous people with a practical way to become engaged in advising on how to close the gap,” she said.

Langton’s message reverberates as the nation stands at a crossroads, urging a unified Australia that addresses historical exclusions and strives for equity for all its citizens.

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