Industry 4.0 Launched, Promising to Make Aussie Industries Smarter, Safer, Cleaner

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The largest Australian-owned technology services business proudly announced the launch of its new end-to-end Industrial Automation capability with the hopes of making Australia’s most prominent industries better in all aspects.

Telstra Purple is Telstra’s powerhouse tech services provider that offers different business solutions that deliver digital transformation. Recently, it acquired industrial solutions companies like Aqura Technologies and Alliance Automation and entered a joint venture with Quantium, a data science and AI leader in the industry.

This acquisition and venture led to the creation of Industry 4.0. This invention is expected to address the biggest challenges of Australia’s heavy industries like mining, construction, supply chain, and manufacturing.

According to David Burns, Telstra Enterprise Group Executive, “Our ambition is to work hand-in-hand with businesses to help solve their biggest problems – complex issues like siloed IT and OT systems, heightened cyber security risks, environmental management, technical skills shortages, and managing legacy systems.”

Burns added that despite the common perception that Telstra is just about networks, they built a solid ecosystem specialising in Industrial Automation capabilities. He said that the company can now offer end-to-end tech services like automation engineering, IT/OT integration, and OT cybersecurity to the country’s heavy industries.

One of their projects is focused on helping workers in the mining industry have high-bandwidth, low-latency communications capabilities underground, which is essential for both productivity and safety in the industry.

Telstra Purple is one of many companies intensely working with heavy industries such as mining. Recently, local firms have teamed up to develop systems to make mining safer. GeoMoby and Digital Terrain created a device to monitor underground mining conditions and communicate them to the workers.

Mathieu Paul, director of GeoMoby, explained that “Digital Terrain has the technology to monitor many conditions – from levels of gases, such as oxygen, to the temperature in underground mines – and GeoMoby has the technology to use Digital Terrain’s data, from its recording devices, to use that information to trigger alarms if necessary.”The mining industry is mature enough to reap the benefits of digital advancement. And with Industry 4.0 launching, heavy industries are expected to reap the use of digital transformation.

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