Insurance Giant Lockton Launches Affinity Biz in Oceania with Dasgupta at the Helm

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Lockton, the world’s most prominent privately owned insurance brokerage firm, recently unveiled its Affinity Schemes enterprise in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Tanya Dasgupta recently moved from Aon to Lockton, where she will lead the business as National Manager of Affinity Schemes.

Lockton’s CEO for Australia and Pacific Region, Paul Marsden, said, “In a digital world where customers’ demands expand rapidly, the current market offerings seem to be lagging.”

“Without a doubt, SMEs are the largest employers in our community, and with groundbreaking advancements that cater to their unique needs, we can make an unprecedented impact on this segment.”

“In just two years, SME customers desire more than a transaction. People yearn to form strong connections with brands and receive personalised experiences. Our expertise in the industry and our facility for establishing relationships based on trustworthiness and prestige will play an integral role in developing exceptional customer encounters – this is how we can stand out from the competition!” said Dasgupta.

With almost two decades of experience in the affinity SME sector and a wealth of knowledge, Dasgupta has acquired vast know-how in strategic growth planning, crafting cutting-edge digital insurance solutions, and forming distribution models for direct-to-market channels and association groups. She has held senior partnership/distribution roles with prominent international broking firms throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Annie S. Pathania is excited to collaborate with Dasgupta as the Partnerships &  Distribution Lead, who recently joined Lockton from Aon.

“At Lockton, we are not content with simply selling insurance policies. With Tanya and Annie’s invaluable expertise and knowledge, we aim to provide SME customers with an unmatched service experience that surpasses their expectations in today’s ever-evolving world.” Marsden said.

Lockton’s Affinity Schemes enterprise is the first of its kind in the Oceania region and will specialise in providing innovative, tailored products for SMEs. With a suite of customised solutions, Lockton is well-positioned to address customer needs across multiple verticals.

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