Investing in Future Generations: Access to Toy Libraries in Australia

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Prime Minister Albanese and the Australian Labor Government demonstrate their dedication to Australia’s children and families by allocating $700,000 in fresh funding for Toy Libraries Australia

This new investment will benefit countless children across our country and ensure they get access to toys that inspire creativity, learning, and joy.

This funding fulfils a promise made during the election and will be used to help families and children grow. It is part of our government’s commitment to Early Years development initiatives. The funds will become available over four years starting in mid-2023.

The 16th International Toy Libraries Conference, held in Melbourne for the first time in three decades, has garnered immense attention, with over 150 toy librarians from 13 countries joining to discuss and highlight playgroups’ vital role toy libraries offer towards early childhood development outcomes. 

The Social Services Minister mentioned that little children blossom when they have access to learning through play, emphasising how essential toy libraries are within this context.

At their heart, playgroups and toy libraries are about play and connection. They are an essential part of communities across Australia, providing children and their families with better access to resources, social support, and community connection.” Minister Rishworth said.

Over 130,000 Aussies have joined a toy library. These libraries contain toys worth $28 million – equivalent to roughly $640 for each family who has signed up. Membership fees are no burden either; they cost less than two bucks a week yearly. 

Toy Libraries Australia received funding to facilitate an upgrade in facilities and ensure all families with children with disabilities can access these beneficial developmentally-oriented toys.

Debbie Williams, CEO of Toy Libraries Australia, expressed her appreciation for the generous investment from the Federal Government.

We could not be more delighted to witness the Federal Government’s commitment to toy libraries. Play is how children learn, and these libraries grant parents and caretakers access to invaluable “tools” that help nurture their development during this crucial stage of life.” Debbie Williams said.

Toy Libraries also act as meeting spots where family members can spend quality time together playing games; plus, with the new funding in place, we will see even more families having easy access to a diverse range of high-calibre toys,” she added. 

Minister Rishworth declared that the government is devoted to enhancing the lives of Australia’s kids. We are confident our children have a right to acquire all they can and reach their fullest potential, so we strive hard to create an uplifting childhood experience for Australian families.


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