Ironic Policies That Surround Net-Zero

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The Australian government pledged to help towards combating climate change. Albanese also vowed to work towards net zero by 2050 aggressively. However, many experts found that policies in place work against the goal.

Nick Feik, an editor for The Monthly, called this irony ‘the great stock ‘n’ coal swindle.’ Feik said that the nation’s goal to be part of reducing global emissions was on the horizon when the Albanese government came to office.

According to Feik, “Just hours after she was sworn in as the new resources minister, Madeleine King announced the government’s strong support for Woodside’s massive new Scarborough gas project.” He also added that the new government wanted Australia to be one of the leading exporters of gas or LNG.

The editor also noted the rampant addition of new coal and gas fields and stated that the government’s actions directly contradict its goal of reducing global emissions. Feik praised the idea of offsetting carbon emissions through carbon credits, which means that there is a calculation of how many trees should be planted to offset the emission of a plant.

Nevertheless, he was appalled that the activity’s primary purpose switched from offsetting carbon to making money. “Carbon credits can be commercialised, made into financial instruments, and repackaged and resold. So farmers and other land and title holders have a new revenue source, the markets love it, the big polluters invest,” he added.

However, Jane Marsh, editor-in-chief of, has a few ideas she thinks may help the Australian government truly progress towards net zero by 2050. One idea is that the government should require all buildings to be electric.

Marsh added, “Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM), which manages how much each state can use electricity, is working with several companies to build all-electric buildings. They will generate less energy than traditional structures while saving money by avoiding transmission lines and power plants.”

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