Jack Ma Steps Out of the Shadows to Visit Melbourne 

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In a rare sighting, the well-known tech billionaire Jack Ma was recently spotted sipping on a Coke at an upscale Melbourne hotel during his “personal trip”.

Until the tumultuous year of 2020, Jack Ma had been a prominent fixture in international business and commerce. However, when he openly criticised President Xi Jinping’s extensive regulation against technology, Mr Ma became engulfed by China’s oppressive CCP regime.

Since then, he has vanished from the public eye and is thought to reside primarily in Tokyo. Nevertheless, occasionally there are reports of sightings of this renowned business figure.

Chinese state media has revealed that a photo of Mr Ma had gone viral, capturing him at a hotel in Melbourne on Sunday.

After six long years, Mr Ma has returned to Australia — a country wherein he shares an incredibly close connection with the people of Newcastle through his longstanding friendship with a local family.

In the 1980s, Ken Morley, an ingenious electrical engineer and big-picture thinker, travelled with his family to China. This coincided with China’s emergence of introducing itself to the Western world. From there, a beautiful friendship between both parties blossomed for decades.

The Morleys embarked on a journey throughout the nation with the Australia-China Friendship Society, where they encountered an ambitious young man named Mr Ma. He would ride his bike from Hangzhou to talk to tourists and practice English further.

Mr Ma engaged in an engaging discussion with Ken’s eldest child, David, near West Lake. After the Morleys returned to Australia, they exchanged through pen-pal correspondence.

According to reports, Ken would revise Mr Ma’s correspondence to refine his English.

In 1985, the Morleys went through a laborious bureaucratic and diplomatic process to bring Mr Ma from China into Australia, showing remarkable hospitality.

Mr Ma now reflects on his visit to Newcastle as a seminal point in his life, with its impact transforming the course of his future.

“Exploring the vibrant culture and picturesque scenery of this country introduced me to a new perspective, while its generous inhabitants further enriched my understanding of life during that journey,” he said.

Mr Ma returned to Australia to honour his late friend by initiating the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program at the University of Newcastle.

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