JARVIS Invest Expands Services in Oceania

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JARVIS Invest, India’s first artificial intelligence (AI) based investment platform, expanded its operations into Australia just last month. The move will allow the company to tap into Australia’s tech and investment ecosystem.

JARVIS Invest was founded by Sumit Chanda in 2016. The Mumbai-based firm was created to answer the need to democratise portfolio management and address limitations in the industry by offering its solutions to institutions and retail investors.

Its expansion into Australia comes after its successful launch in the B2B Enterprise products in the Middle East and is a crucial move towards its plans of global reach. 

According to Narashima Raju, contributing writer for CXO Today, “With the support of Australian investors, JARVIS Invest will be able to deploy its AI technology to invest in India and Australia equity markets, capitalising on market opportunities and delivering superior returns for its clients.”

JARVIS Invest launched JARVIS AI Analytics and has partnered with a Sydney-based financial institution. It is setting up its office in Melbourne and is expected to generate tech/AI jobs with the help of the Government of Victoria. 

JARVIS AI Analytics will be managing the first of many funds for Australian investors and will be doing so without human intervention. The fund that will be managed is targeted at family offices and will be investing in diversified sectors in India.

Chanda added, “AI is already disrupting how businesses are done, and we believe there will be several economic opportunities that will flow from AI in the future. As we expand our B2B offerings globally, Jarvis AI Analytics will help institutions, banks, and family offices in Australia to invest across key markets like India, Australia and the US.”

The CEO also added that the fund to be managed would have access to JARVIS’ portfolio management tools, including predicting stocks, ETFs, and index prices in the Indian stock market and three other major global markets.


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