King Kong Founder Sabri Suby Achieves Incredible Feat: $24 Million Profit on Just a $50 Investment

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Growing up in northern NSW, the 37-year-old and his sister struggled to be fed by their single mother. However, he has managed to change the situation around.

After his business idea became successful, an Australian father turned his $50 investment into a staggering $74 million.

Sabri Suby grew up in Byron Bay in northern NSW with his single mother, who had difficulties providing for him and his sister.

“I’ve seen my mum struggle our whole lives,” Suby recalls. “I know what it’s like to be hungry and poor.”

But Sabri pulled himself out of poverty by launching a digital marketing agency, King Kong, in 2012. He had the idea to create King Kong to help businesses handle online advertising by running ad campaigns.

Shalini, his girlfriend at that time but now his wife, gifted him a computer in 2014 to assist him in starting his business. Afterwards, he spent $50 to add credit to a prepaid phone which he used to make cold calls from his rented bedroom.

As a result of this decision, Mr Suby’s net worth has increased to $74 million, and he has secured a place on Australia’s prestigious young rich list.

The entrepreneur, now located in Melbourne, stated that although the economic conditions have softened, his company has not been affected. He plans to increase his firm’s staff by three times within the next two years.

“I want to inspire other people in my situation to believe that they can achieve their goals too,” says Suby.

Mr Suby is a judge on the latest season of Shark Tank, where he advises other aspiring entrepreneurs regarding their businesses.

Sabri Suby’s inspiring journey from poverty to the top of Australia’s young rich list serves as a reminder that, with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. With his success story and Shark Tank appearances, Suby hopes to encourage others to pursue their dreams. He proves that success can be found in even the smallest of investments.

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