Labor Party Takes Power in Australia’s Largest State in ‘Fresh Start’

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The Australian state of New South Wales has seen a change in government, with the Labor Party winning the majority of seats in the parliament.

This marks a significant shift in power, with Labor Party leader Chris Minns promising to deliver a “fresh start” for the state.

Minns told supporters in Sydney late on Saturday, “After 12 years in opposition, the people of New South Wales have voted for a fresh start.”

“The people of New South Wales voted to put in a government that would put people at the heart of all decision-making”.

The state election result is significant for the Australian political landscape, as New South Wales is the country’s most populous state and home to its largest city, Sydney.

The Labor party’s victory in New South Wales means it now controls both the state and federal government across Australia’s mainland, which leaves Tasmania as the only state where the conservative government holds sway.

The party’s campaign focused on issues such as climate change, job creation, and the cost of living. Minns has promised to increase funding for public schools, hospitals, and infrastructure projects.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has been challenged by stubborn inflation, which this month pushed its cash rate to its highest level in over a decade.

Minns said, “Labor had ‘commonsense initiatives‘ that would help bring down cost of living in the state.”

He notified that after he is sworn in, his government will prepare laws to protect government utility Sydney Water against a future sale.

The Labor Party’s victory in New South Wales marks a significant power shift and promises a “fresh start” for the state.

The party’s focus on climate change, job creation, and the cost of living will likely significantly impact the state’s policies and initiatives moving forward.

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