Labor’s Budget Delivers For Working Mothers With Expanded Childcare, Paid Parental Leave, And Affordable Housing

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The Albanese government kept its election promise to make Australia a world leader in gender equality by improving Labor’s first budget—Australian women were the priority. 

The first federal budget was designed to tackle the cost of living crisis. Treasurer Jim Chalmers worked hard to frame his 2022-2023 economic plan to avoid adding inflationary pressures and making way for a better cost of living.

“Australians know a complex combination of challenges at home and abroad is pushing the cost of living. They don’t need us taking steps that would make the problem worse – by putting even more pressure on prices and making the independent Reserve Bank’s job even harder. Instead, they need us to be responsible, reasonable and targeted – with affordable, fair and future-focused policies, delivering a long-term economic dividend,” he adds.

With this in mind, the budget was designed to improve certain aspects of the cost of living of Australians, from which women would benefit more. The Expanded Child Care Subsidy would raise subsidy rates for 96% of Australian families using childcare. While the Gender-Neutral Paid Parental leave will help both parents as opposed to just the birth parent.

Another addition to the budget was the allocation of $1.7 billion to improve women’s safety initiatives and lessen gender-based violence. The budget also notes that budgeting will be gender-responsive, ensuring that gender is incorporated into their decision-making process.

Senator the Hon. Katy Gallagher, Minister for Women, mentions that the government is now committed to unlocking and valuing the talent and contribution of Australian women. She adds, “Women are not an add-on in this budget. They are not a group of nice people to consider or include in the budget as a political fix as they have been under the former government.”

Furthermore, the government established a Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce. The Taskforce is designed to provide independent advice for eminent women on a range of issues as well as inform women on the development of the national strategy.


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