Leading the Way in Superannuation: AustralianSuper and HUB24 at the Forefront

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AustralianSuper and HUB24 are leading the way in superannuation, providing innovative solutions to help Australians secure their financial future.

As soon as APRA releases the superannuation figures for their regulated funds, analysts race to analyse assets under management. This metric is directly correlated with size and generates a lot of attention; however, net inflow is just as crucial, if not more so. Net inflow provides insight into the future scale and reveals the potential for investing in illiquid assets.

AustralianSuper and HUB24

AustralianSuper and HUB24 have been at the forefront of this development. As of December 2020, AustralianSuper had total net inflows of $5.2 billion in their MySuper products, while HUB24 reported an impressive $2.3 billion in their flagship Balanced option.

Both superannuation providers are leading the charge when offering value for members, with forces such as flexibility and performance being considered.

“We are focused on providing members with innovative solutions and the best possible value for their superannuation investments,” said AustralianSuper’s CEO, Paul Schroder. “We understand that our members have ambitious goals, so we strive to ensure they reach them.”

HUB24’s Balanced Option: A Mix of Growth and Defensive Assets

Similarly, HUB24 is working to provide their members with maximum value. Their Balanced option offers a mix of 30% growth and 70% defensive assets, which allows for steady returns while minimising the downside potential.

“We understand that investors have different needs and goals,” said HUB24’s CEO, Andrew Alcock. “That’s why we believe in creating tailored solutions for our members so they can get the most out of their superannuation investments.”

AustralianSuper and HUB24 are leading the way in superannuation by providing innovative solutions and focusing on delivering maximum value for their members.

In doing so, these two providers have set the benchmark for others in the industry. With such impressive net inflows and a forward-thinking approach, AustralianSuper and HUB24 are paving the way for a more secure financial future.

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