Making Australia Great Again: Melbourne B-School Teams Up to Boost Digital Literacy

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The University of Melbourne Business School aims to make Australia great again by taking the lead on digital literacy.

Melbourne Business School Online and FourthRev are partnering to launch a Career Accelerator that focuses on digital marketing strategy and analytics, which aims to help address Australia’s digital marketing skills gap.

Melbourne’s top academics, Semrush Academy, and industry experts have collaborated to create and provide a program that combines academic excellence with practical skills to equip marketing leaders for a future driven by data.

You can now register for the Digital Marketing: Analytics and Strategy Career Accelerator at Melbourne Business School Online. This online learning platform has been introduced by the same institution that offers Australia’s leading MBA and business analytics degrees.

The Career Accelerator program, launched at esteemed institutions in the UK, such as the London School of Economics and King’s College London, is being introduced to Australia for the first time.

Given Australia’s digital skills crisis, the Career Accelerator entry is timely. Employers needing the right digital skills are estimated to cost $3.1bn annually and hinder business growth. Additionally, the digital industry is predicted to grow by 8.1% over the next decade.

Professor Ping Xiao, an Associate Professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, announced the launch of the Career Accelerator and said, “Our online programs aim to provide learners with opportunities for long-term career growth. Through the Career Accelerator model, we work closely with industry experts to incorporate real-world challenges into the programs so that students can develop job-related skills and achieve concrete employment goals.”

In just six months, the Digital Marketing Career Accelerator program can prepare individuals with some experience in marketing, branding, or communications to become employer-ready by addressing the significant gaps in the digital marketing workforce through a unique curriculum.

“Having strong skills in digital marketing strategy and analytics is essential for the growth of any business. This dynamic industry offers career acceleration opportunities for marketers to help their companies achieve long-term viability. It’s undeniable that the power of digital marketing strategy and analytics is crucial,” said Maria Sevastianova, Head of Semrush Academy.

“We partnered with FourthRev and Melbourne Business School for the Career Accelerator program because we think it will create proficient digital professionals who can help organisations bring about change and attain their business goals,” Sevastianova continued.

The Career Accelerator program is an excellent opportunity to develop the critical digital marketing skills needed to help organisations and businesses compete in a rapidly changing world.

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