Masahiro Ueno, MD of Outbrain, Discusses How Technology Will Change Media in the Future

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Masahiro Ueno, Outbrain MD, discusses the media’s tech-fueled future, plus how to gain trust in new technologies and advancements.

Technology is pivotal for success in the marketing and media industries – there’s no way around it. With constant updates and changes, like phasing out cookies, those who don’t stay ahead of the curve will be left behind.

Masahiro Ueno, Outbrain’s managing director for Japan and APAC, visited Sydney last month to speak at Advertising Week APAC about how technology is changing the media landscape.

In an interview with Mediaweek, Ueno delved into how technology will change media in the future and what needs to be done to foster trust in these new technologies. He also gave an update on Outbrain’s latest developments.

Masahiro Ueno

Masahiro Ueno worked for several other companies before joining Outbrain in 2020. The web recommendation platform recently expanded to include the APAC region – Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, mainland China, and India. Ueno previously served as managing director of Yahoo Search Marketing from 2008 until 2010. He was also the president of Buzzfeed Japan from 2016 until 2018.

During a session on stage at the Advertising Week APAC in Sydney, he was joined by Clear Hayes Consulting’s Alex Hayes, CMC Capital Markets’ Liam Loan-Hack, New Corp Australia’s Pippa Leary, and Crawford Media Consulting’s Hal Crawford.

On the panel, he discussed how artificial intelligence could help or diminish journalism and what type of technology interests each person. He also spoke about trust in information and authority. The event was packed and received positive feedback from attendees.

“Talking about trust in information was another topic that made people think about because if AI can write a pretty good story just by being feed part of the information, people will be challenged to know if it’s real news,” he said.

Ueno believes that native advertising and contextual targeting should be given more attention to foster trust in new technologies and advancements as these ads are less intrusive than display or other formats. He said that “robust and accurate information will always win trust” and that advertisers should be mindful of where their brands appear online.


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