Microsoft Unveils Fabric, an AI-Powered Analytics Platform, at Build 2023 Conference

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Microsoft introduced Fabric, an innovative AI-powered analytics platform, during its Build 2023 conference, offering a unified software-as-a-service experience for analytics across Azure Data Factory, Power BI, and Synapse. 

Under one architecture, this cutting-edge platform combines various components, including data integration, engineering, warehousing, science, real-time analytics, observability, and business intelligence.

During the early private preview, Fabric was tested by esteemed partners such as Avanade, Capgemini, EY, KPMG, PwC, SAS, and Sonata Software, affirming the platform’s capabilities and potential. The public preview of Fabric encompasses several vital offerings. Data Factory, with its extensive array of connectors, provides seamless data integration across diverse sources. Synapse Data Engineering empowers users with Spark experiences, while Synapse Data Science facilitates AI and machine learning tasks. Additionally, Synapse Data Warehousing offers a converged data lake and warehouse experience.

Fabric’s real-time analytics capability, Synapse Real-Time Analytics, allows the streaming of semi-structured data from connected devices, telemetry, and logs, enabling organisations to derive valuable insights from real-time data sources.

One of the standout features of Fabric is Copilot, which leverages Azure OpenAI Service to provide generative AI training on customer data, all while ensuring adherence to security, privacy, and compliance policies without utilising customer data for Azure OpenAI base models.

Fabric’s versatility extends further with the inclusion of the Data Activator, which empowers businesses to convert insights into automated actions. It supports various functions such as sales alerts, inventory checks, data quality monitoring, and IoT signalling reactions, enabling organisations to optimise operations and drive efficiency.

“With our previous DOS-based software, we relied on paper to manage all our internal processes,” stated Ted Hoffman, President and CEO of Clothworks Textiles. 

“However, with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Pebblestone Fashion, we will completely eliminate the need for paper and transition our entire business operations onto the software. This will allow us to ensure that everyone is aligned and informed about the status of each step in the process, ranging from design conception to customer service.”

Microsoft’s launch of Fabric showcases the company’s commitment to delivering advanced analytics solutions that harness the power of AI. With its comprehensive suite of capabilities and the support of industry-leading partners, Fabric is poised to drive innovation and empower organisations in their data-driven endeavours.

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