Millions Of Australians See Their Welfare Payments Increase As The Cost Of Living Rises

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By agreeing to these commitments, the Labor government could improve your life in various ways.

Millions of Australians who receive Centrelink income support may soon have something to look forward to, as a new review body was established this weekend. 

On Sunday, independent senator David Pocock said he had finalised a deal to support the Labor government’s industrial relations bill. Pocock said that support is only possible if “numerous amendments” are implemented to benefit various groups, including small businesses and underpaid workers.

This bill differs substantially from the one introduced in the House of Representatives a month ago. It is better for business, better for workers and makes sure the most vulnerable in our community are no longer left behind,” said Pocock.

I have worked with the government to push them as far as they would go and then a step further to ensure they addressed my key concerns. This legislation introduces significant reforms to Australia’s industrial relations system to benefit women and low-paid workers.”

Pocock believes the bill will benefit small businesses and safeguard low-paid workers and those who rely on government assistance. 

Support payments are inadequate and not keeping pace with inflation, meaning those who need support are living in deepening levels of poverty,” Pocock said.

A recent report showed one in six children are growing up in poverty.” Pocock continued by remarking the bill as a “game changer” for impoverished Australians.

The review body will release its recommendations two weeks before the budget is announced. The size of the welfare payments will increase every two weeks. However, this rise will be smaller than the one in September.

Welfare payments, including Age Pension, Disability Support Payment and Carer Payments, increased by $38.90 per for singles and $58.80 for couples per fortnight due to indexation. 

Jobseekers who don’t have children will receive an extra $25.70 per fortnight, amounting to $677.20 total. For single parents, the Parenting Payment will be increased by $35.20 per fortnight, giving them a new total of $927.40.

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