Mind-Blowing: Fugro and Australian Spatial Analytics Partner to Shake Up the Business World

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Fugro and Australian Spatial Analytics have teamed up to revolutionise the business world with their data and analytics powerhouse!

Fugro has joined forces with Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA), a data solutions provider, to cultivate the skills of neurodiverse individuals to meet the increasing demand for specialised data analysis and foster workplace inclusivity.

Through close collaboration with ASA, Fugro trains data analysts in the advanced techniques for processing offshore and onshore ground and marine data.

Fugro and ASA Celebrate Successful Collaboration with Neurodiverse Team

ASA’s team, which comprises young adults on the autism spectrum and with neurodiversity, effectively supported Fugro in conducting a complex coastal resilience and environmental baseline study in Australia by employing their newly acquired expertise in geospatial and bathymetric data analysis. They delivered exceptional results with remarkable efficiency.

Despite possessing the unique cognitive abilities crucial for excelling in spatial and data analytics, such as concentration, pattern recognition, and memory retention, neurodiverse individuals often face challenges securing employment.

Fugro and ASA express their enthusiasm for providing talented individuals with the opportunity to excel in meeting the local demand for onshore processing services in Australia.

ASA partners with Fugro to help with sea-level monitoring in Australia

“As we strive to contribute to a safe and sustainable world, we embrace the concept of an inclusive workforce and partnerships that yield valuable insights from the data we collect and analyse,” stated Paul Seaton, Fugro’s Director for Hydrography and Coastal Resilience for Asia Pacific.

“ASA has proven to be an invaluable partner, demonstrating dedication and efficiency in processing complex data sets.”

“Australian Spatial Analytics was specifically established to support exceptional organisations like Fugro in meeting their customers’ local requirements,” added Geoffrey Smith, CEO of ASA.

“Fugro has worked closely with our team to ensure the highest quality output, and these young talents have demonstrated exceptional personal and professional growth.

“It is inspiring to witness the immediate social impact our partnership with Fugro has fostered, and we eagerly anticipate delivering outstanding projects in the long run.”

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