Minister Husic: Value-added Manufacturing Vital for Australia’s Economic Growth

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Australia’s Minister for Industry and Innovation, Ed Husic, has emphasised the pivotal role of value-added manufacturing in bolstering the country’s economic growth.

In a recent press conference at Parliament House, Minister Husic outlined his vision for a more robust and diversified Australian economy driven by innovation and value creation. Minister Husic began by highlighting the significance of manufacturing in Australia’s economic landscape. He noted that while the nation has a strong history of resource-based industries like mining and agriculture, the time has come to evolve towards a knowledge-based economy.

He added, “Value-added manufacturing is the key to unlocking Australia’s true economic potential. By adding value to our products through innovation, advanced technologies, and skilled labour, we can secure higher-paying jobs, stimulate local demand, and reduce our reliance on external markets.”

Australia’s economy’s primary challenge has been its vulnerability to global market fluctuations. Relying heavily on commodity exports exposes the nation to price volatility. Minister Husic emphasised that value-added manufacturing can buffer against such economic shocks.

To support this vision, the Australian government has unveiled a comprehensive plan that includes investments in research and development, vocational education, and infrastructure development. Minister Husic also mentioned the importance of fostering partnerships between government, academia, and the private sector to drive innovation and create a vibrant manufacturing ecosystem.

Australia’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing was another critical point of emphasis. Minister Husic explained that the government is dedicated to ensuring that value-added manufacturing aligns with environmental goals. “We want to lead the world not only in innovation but also in sustainability,” he stated. “By adopting clean technologies and sustainable practices, we can position ourselves as a global leader in responsible manufacturing.”

Minister Ed Husic’s call for value-added manufacturing to boost Australia’s economic growth reflects a forward-looking strategy to transform the nation’s economic landscape. Australia aims to create a more resilient and diversified economy through innovation, sustainable practices, and strategic investments, less susceptible to global economic uncertainties.


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