MinterEllison Strengthens ESG Consulting Practice with Former AGL Executive and McKinsey Partner

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Could the strategic addition of a former AGL executive and seasoned McKinsey partner propel MinterEllison to the forefront of ESG consulting excellence?

In a strategic move to bolster its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consulting practice, leading Australian law firm MinterEllison has announced the addition of Joao Segorbe to its team. Segorbe, a former executive at AGL and a seasoned partner at McKinsey is set to contribute his extensive expertise in the energy sector and ESG matters.

A Noteworthy Addition to the Team

MinterEllison’s decision to welcome Joao Segorbe as a partner aligns with its commitment to expanding its ESG consulting practice. Segorbe brings a wealth of experience, having served as AGL’s executive general manager of strategy and corporate development for four years. His expertise is further underscored by his 15-year tenure at McKinsey, where he led their electrical power and natural gas practice.

“Segorbe’s background and proficiency make him a valuable asset to our firm,” says Virginia Briggs, CEO of MinterEllison. “His two decades of experience in the energy sector, combined with his understanding of ESG matters, position him well to contribute to our clients’ transformations and challenges.”

Collaborative Efforts for a Sustainable Future

The newly appointed partner is poised to collaborate closely with Sarah Barker, MinterEllison’s head of climate change and sustainability. Barker, recently appointed joint chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Climate Governance Community of Experts, adds another layer of expertise to the firm’s sustainability endeavours.

As Segorbe highlights, “ESG issues have permeated every sector, necessitating robust strategies for transformation. I look forward to working alongside Barker and contributing to institutions’ efforts in this domain.”

AGL’s Dynamic Landscape

Segorbe’s tenure at AGL coincided with a transformative phase for the energy company. The entrance of Atlassian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes onto the scene shook up the company’s board in 2022, causing notable shifts in its direction. Segorbe’s role in AGL’s executive team was marked by his contributions to the company’s strategy and corporate development during this dynamic period.

Legal Fraternity’s Role in Indigenous Voice Debate

The legal community has been in the spotlight recently due to their involvement in the Indigenous Voice to Parliament issue. Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has urged legal groups to voice their stance on this contentious matter. In his view, lawyers should actively engage in the debate, supporting the constitutional alteration in favour of the Indigenous Voices.

Dreyfus acknowledges the engagement of several prominent legal bodies, stating, “I note and welcome support for change from the Law Council of Australia and the Victorian and NSW Bars.”

Mixed Stances within the Legal Community

The issue of Indigenous Voices has generated varied responses within the legal community. The Victorian Bar and Clayton Utz have already taken a public stand, expressing their support for the “Yes” camp. Conversely, the Queensland Bar and the Australian Bar Association have opted for a neutral stance on this issue of national significance.

A Call for Collective Action

Dreyfus concludes his call for involvement with a vision of a united legal community. “Lawyers can embrace the invitation in the Uluru Statement and walk with First Nations people in a movement for a better future. I encourage lawyers to lend their public support and help improve Australia.”

While Dreyfus did not partake in the online poll, the “Yes” option garnered nearly 60% of the votes, reflecting the prevailing sentiment within the legal community.

As the legal and corporate landscapes continue to evolve, the additions of Joao Segorbe to MinterEllison’s team and the legal community’s engagement in crucial debates emphasise the importance of collaboration, expertise, and collective action. The intersection of legal understanding and societal progress is poised to shape the trajectory of Australia’s future.

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