MRC and Blue Bantry Investments 255 Announces New Update With MSR Processing of Inland Strands Ore

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On March 21, Mineral Commodities Limited (ASX: MRC) and its empowerment partner Blue Bantry Investments 255 (Pty) Ltd reported a positive market update on the Inland Strands ore processing by their 50 per cent owned subsidiary Mineral Sands Resources (Pty) Ltd (MSR).

According to the report, MSR has successfully generated enough heavy mineral concentrate stocks to shift to commercial production of garnet, ilmenite, and non-magnetic (zircon and rutile) saleable concentrate products from the Secondary Concentrator Plant (SCP).

“We are very pleased with the rapid transition to saleable concentrate production from Inland Strands ore – it is a great reflection on the efforts of the MSR Team,” MRC’s Interim CEO Adam Brick said.

“This will increase Tormin production levels and sales revenues in line with MRC’s heavy Minerals Division’s Objectives4 of returning Tormin to historical profitability and cash flow generation. Further updates will be provided as Inland Strands processing advances.” 

The Primary Concentration Plant (PCP-1) will operate at target throughput rates and historical recoveries to reach 100 per cent commissioning of the Inland Strands ore plant upgrade. The Secondary Concentrator Plant’s (PCP-2) initial plant throughput is 75 tph, roughly the 96 tph average feed rate observed in 2022. 

After this event, MRC will begin designing and building the third PCP (PCP-3).

By December, manufacturing capacity is expected to increase from 2.7Mtpa to 3.9Mtpa, thanks to PCP-3. 

Sustainable beach mining will switch annual production between Tormin Beaches and Northern Beaches.

Mining Resource Consultants (MRC) expects a more sustainable beach mining grade with its new PCP-1 processing system for Inland Strand ore. The company forecasts that each placer beach deposit will now obtain a replenishment time of at least one year.

The companies are committed to creating a sustainable future through their responsible use of resources and strive to become an industry leader in the Inland Strands ore processing sector. 

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