Mum of 40 Said No to the Rat Race and Yes to Fortune Making

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Jodi Cottle quit her corporate job and became the owner of a Laser Clinics Australia franchisee as a way of taking charge of her life.

Jodi Cottle, a 40-year-old and previously a sales manager and mortgage adviser, found it challenging to balance work and personal life after becoming a mother. She realised the need for change.

“When I was employed in the corporate sector, I was frequently balancing the demands of being a mother,” Ms Cottle said. “I used to wake up early, check my emails before my son woke up, hurry to get ready and then do the morning drop-off.”

“I used to attend meetings at work where my male colleagues would explain things to me condescendingly or steal credit for my ideas. I eventually decided that I had endured enough!”

In September 2019, instead of creating her brand, she purchased a franchise of an established company, specifically a laser clinic in Tweed Heads. She thinks that this option should be considered.

She decided to become a franchisee for Laser Clinics Australia and now earns over $100,000 annually. She now has the freedom to determine her working hours and wishes to assist more Australian women in achieving a work-life balance.

She used her business knowledge to research the figures and took a calculated risk, which proved successful. Jodi currently earns a base salary of $100,000 as an owner. Additionally, she receives quarterly distributions that are dependent on the profits earned.

However, the clinic has faced significant hurdles from natural disasters such as bushfires and floods, border closures and the Covid pandemic.

“Although there have been difficult moments, I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything,” Jodi said.

Jodi aims to use her story to inspire other Australian women to break free from the daily grind and regain independence. She wrote a book called ‘The Pocket MBA: A Woman’s Playbook for Succeeding in Business’ to encourage other women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

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