NT Insurer Finds Creative Solutions to Overcome a Dearth of Qualified Talent

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NT Insurer recently faced a unique challenge – how to fill a critical shortage of qualified talent without compromising on quality?

The scarcity of skilled workers affecting the Australian economy is widely acknowledged, involving the insurance sector and other industries. Nevertheless, an insurance company based in Darwin faces distinct staffing difficulties that differ from those faced by a similar firm in Sydney or Melbourne.

Kye Brown is the branch manager of Gallagher Bassett in Darwin, a global claims management firm. The firm established an office in Darwin in 2017 to offer self-insurance claims management services to all government staff of the Northern Territory.

“Our company has been awarded a contract by the Northern Territory Government to handle their workers’ compensation claims,” said Kye Brown, who has over 15 years of experience working in insurance-related businesses in the Darwin area. 

“Our job is to handle the entire compensation claims process for NT employees who are injured at work. We manage everything from lodging the claim to helping them recover and return to work,” said Brown.

According to her, most of their team, comprising 26 members, is in the Darwin office, while three employees are in Alice Springs.

“Recruiting in the NT may be more difficult and unique compared to cities like Sydney,” she said. “Despite smaller industry and talent pool, we strive to meet our needs by adapting to what is available within the community.”

Brown explained that when they require new employees, GB’s priority is to look for individuals who fit in with the company’s culture.

“If a person has the necessary motivation, we can teach them the technical skills, injury and case management skills, and the applicable legislation,” she said. “Our main focus is on finding candidates who will fit well with our company culture and be able to provide effective support for individuals in recovery. We believe we can teach the necessary job-specific skills to the right people.”

When Kelly was asked about the potential for industry peak bodies and the government to provide more assistance, she replied that it is challenging to unite everyone towards a shared goal.

“I believe that everyone has the potential to contribute more, including ourselves, the network, insurers, and everyone else involved,” Kelly said. “Everyone could try to turn this into a desirable career for others.”

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