Optimising Business Operations: BlueScope Australia Consolidates 13 Legacy Systems into ERP Environment

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BlueScope Australia recently achieved an impressive operational efficiency boost by consolidating 13 legacy systems into a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment.

BlueScope, headquartered in Australia, has a massive global footprint with over 160 offices and operations spanning 18 countries throughout the Asia Pacific region and North America. On any given day, its 15,000+ employees serve thousands of customers worldwide.

BlueScope has embraced digital technology as a critical component of its strategy. However, over time, they noticed that many of the existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other legacy systems needed to support their business objectives better.

“Enhancing the journey of our customers and employees while providing comprehensive visibility across our supply chain was either not achievable or would require an intricate amount of complexity,” Jagdeep Singh, the Head of Strategy and Transformation for BlueScope Australia’s Steel Product IT department, stated.

“Take, for example, Australia’s Coated and Industrial Products business; over 300 applications are currently in use. Unfortunately, these systems operate on black and white screens with point-to-point connections making them difficult to navigate for employees and maintain by IT teams. This is also an obstacle to possible improvements or updates.”

Singh maintains that implementing this system would expedite business operations and supply a novel technological basis for its Australian-based Coated and Industrial Products. This undergirding structure, in turn, will assist in promoting growth and fostering innovation within the organisation.

“As our aging and home-made IT systems become more costly to upkeep, it is essential that we explore better alternatives,” Singh adds.

“Deploying a new solution will enable us to streamline our applications, simplify our technology landscape, and decommission multiple outdated systems.”

Singh asserted that the ERP replacement project is not merely an IT-led task; it was initiated by business executives and required endorsement and participation from all levels of the company.

“To guarantee that the project was a success, we collected key subject matter experts and relied on input from business and IT during essential events like end-to-end user acceptance testing, cutover, training, and hyper care,” he explains.

BlueScope Australia’s successful consolidation of 13 legacy systems into a single ERP environment has enabled the company to streamline its applications and simplify its technology landscape, setting them up for future growth and innovation.

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