Organic Food Now 30% Cheaper Thanks to IPM Disruption in Australia

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest management system used in farming. It relies on a combination of practical yet environmentally sensitive approaches. IPM is not similar to organic agriculture, and many argue that IPM farming is more cost-efficient.

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the food products they purchase. Many choose the Food they believe is produced naturally or with as few chemical additives as possible. This consciousness led to the rise of organic food farmers.

Organic Food is a lot more expensive to produce, as it does not rely on commonly used synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components but solely on natural implementations. 

But the downside of organic products is that they are more exposed to pest infestations and the risk of lower production rates that they can put in the market.

However, there is another way to grow cheaper produce than organic farming. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a farming system that maximises traditional and organic farming techniques.

IPM studies harmful pest growth and incorporates the usage of beneficial pests like ladybugs to eliminate harmful problems. IPM also considers utilising traditional pesticides but studies how to use them minimally.

Studies show that IPM farming is cheaper than organic farming by 30%. And with many Australians feeling the bite of the rising cost of living, IPM may help alleviate some cost of living expenses while at the same time offering healthier alternatives to Food.

Executive editor Kara Byers added, “As the cost-of-living crisis cranks up, many of us are being priced out of the organic produce market, making shopping sustainably seem more like an unattainable luxury than an everyday possibility.”

Finder credit card expert Amy Bradney-George noted that more and more Australians are having difficulties managing their cost of living, ultimately resulting in debt to pay for essentials like Food and utilities.

And this is where IPM stands out. IPM is the middle ground for healthier food options and, simultaneously, cheaper than organic produce. IPM may give struggling Australians better food options as many cannot afford to eat enough or get essential medication or healthcare

Amanda Rishworth, minister of social services, also commented saying, “We want more money in the hands of everyday Australians to be financially secure.”

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