Photo and Contact Access Will Be Prohibited for Financial Lending Apps on Google

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To protect users from predatory lenders, Google is cracking down on loan apps by banning them from using user photos and contacts.

This restriction will ensure that those using financial lending services are not taken advantage of due to unnecessary access to their data.

According to Google, “The change goes into effect on May 31 in which we’re updating our personal loans policy to state that apps aiming to provide or facilitate personal loans may not access user contacts or photos.”

In addition to the global ban on loan apps accessing user photos and contacts, Google will introduce stricter requirements in Pakistan. App developers must provide country-specific licensing documentation to access the Play Store and provide or facilitate personal loans. This will be a way for Google to ensure that developers are licensed and capable of delivering services that comply with regional regulations.

Individuals who have received loans from mobile credit apps have been subjected to harassment for failure to repay those loans, especially in countries like Kenya and India. In many cases, this harassment has included repeated phone calls and text messages at all hours of the day and unannounced visits to the person’s home or workplace.

In some instances, users’ personal information was shared with debt collectors. These collectors then use the debtee’s data to pressure them to repay the loans. This has caused significant disruption in people’s lives, with many being unable to focus on their jobs or studies due to the constant harassment.

This new policy by Google is an attempt to protect users from predatory lenders and unregulated loan practices. The effort is part of an effort by Google to create a safer environment for users making financial transactions online. In addition, the company is looking into other ways to improve user safety, such as limiting app data collection and offering additional security measures.

With these changes, users can have more faith in their financial data being secure when using loan apps on their mobile devices.

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