Powering Industry With Talent: An Inside Look at Aristocrat’s Master Strategist

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As Ukraine descended into war, CEO Trevor Croker’s in-house team sourced chips from Asia, primarily Taiwan—efficiently organised getting personnel out of Ukraine while adhering to safety protocols.

Trevor Croker stands out among the other ASX’s top 50 chief executives because, despite not attending college, he has a graduate diploma in Sports Administration from Griffith University. Despite the importance of higher education, Croker’s career trajectory was more significantly propelled by volunteering and managing Port Douglas Surf Club. His efforts were duly rewarded when CUB, who sponsored the club then, offered him a job.

In his many years of experience, he’s discovered that empowering employees is a significant key to success. But it doesn’t stop there; the lessons learned in the past are still relevant today and should not be forgotten.

“That’s the result of my unwavering dedication and commitment, a concept I learned through life-saving experiences,” said Croker.

Croker does not hesitate to answer that it’s the people and their ability to rise to any challenge when asked what he is most proud of from his tenure as head of Aristocrat. From evacuating staff out of Ukraine in a pinch to leading during the pandemic with excellence – Croker takes pride in how well his team has handled such difficult situations.

“During this time, the organisation saw some extraordinary potential in employees who were a part of the local crisis management team. These individuals, who previously held managerial titles, began to demonstrate remarkable leadership abilities,” he praised the staff’s decisive action in addressing Russia’s hostile incursion into Ukraine.

In late February, Aristocrat began transferring their 1000-person workforce employed under the Pixel United business – which included three mobile-first games publishers: Product Madness, Plarium and Big Fish Games. According to him, this process was conducted with haste.

As martial law was enacted, the group hastily moved all its male employees out of Ukraine while running bus services twice daily from Kyiv to Poland. Croker states they are now transitioning, and many former Ukrainian staff have relocated successfully to Spain.

“I’m immensely proud of seeing the incredible talent that has blossomed and flourished within our organisation. It’s been a rewarding experience to watch those individuals develop over time, and I know they will continue to grow in the future,” Croket added.

Ultimately, Aristocrat and its team have managed to work through supply chain constraints and other complications with aplomb.

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